Taking your Brompton on a bus

As you know, Bromptons are great for public transport, so long as it’s a cab, train, or tram. But buses are more of a problem because they want you to bag your bike, and this means you’ve got to carry the carry bag on your bike before employing it.

There are various options of course, from bespoke bags and cases to the simple black bin liner, although if you’re trying to get away from single use plastics this won’t be your favourite idea.

Thanks to the lovely ladies of VeloVixen chatter on Facebook I have the answer:

Pop to IKEA and get a clothing storage bag; the DIMPA bag is just £3 so you can get more than one, and pop them in your rucksack, Brompton front or rear bag, your shopping bag, and even your car. You could even keep one in a draw at work for those very soggy days when cycling home just doesn’t appeal.

It’s also great if you want to put your Brompton in the bag of your car with other things, and you worry about chain oil or tyre dirt etc.

Although the straps will go over your shoulder I wouldn’t trust it to hold the weight of the bike so I tend to still pick it up by the saddle, but I might be over cautious.

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