Us, Them & Those

Us (cyclists), Them (pedestrians), and Those (car drivers) – or however you want to define them. The media, social and otherwise, but importantly Edinburgh City Councillors, are actively following like sheep, the Us, Them and Those divisive and aggressive rhetoric that has come with the age of Trump, Farage, and Johnson.

As if life getting around the city wasn’t hard enough at times, we are now supposed to be at each others throats whilst we do it. The thing is…I can be Us, Them and Those at any given moment, sometimes on the same day. It’s confusing and damned hard work.

I am about to give myself a proper talking too. My car use self is going to have a go at the cyclist self, for selfishly wanting some road space, but my cyclist self is going to have words with my car driving self about how a cargo bike would be just as fine for the supermarket run, and although my pedestrian self was going to join in, she’s had to go and get a bus.





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