Apologies for not posting in a while. It wasn’t my intention.

This month has been very eventful; I had to visit very hot and sunny England, to look after a member of the family , then with great sadness my beloved wee man became unwell and in spite of intervention from the vets, sadly died of heart failure.

To top all that, my partner is now in a plaster caste for the next few months. I said it was eventful and I’m hoping, as things run in threes, that will be the end of the misfortunes.


I have been exploring Edinburgh’s new cycle path in South Granton which was very pleasant to use indeed. IF ONLY the cycle routes joined up without sending your over the tram lines/cobbles/main roads and stupid painted cycle ‘paths’ aside the busiest roads in Edinburgh.


Coming Soon…

First impressions of the Brompton C Bag

First impressions of the Brompton Mini-O Bag

…and much more



2 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Hi, I was hoping to take a train to Edinburgh and stop for a few days to explore and reminisce, as I used to work here 1982-85 for a few months a year. Is it good for cycling on a Brompton. I would hope to visit Muirhouse and Leigh Docks [bit rough when I was there…] as well as the city centre. Probably next year now when the virus has settled down and things are a bit more normal. Thanks. [liked your bag review, want to check them out in a shop really before I decide, my C bag is bit too big like you say].


    1. Hi Bob, thank you for getting in touch. Edinburgh is indeed quite good for the Brompton, although cycle theft is very high and you should seriously consider your locks and locations if you need to leave it anywhere. We have a number of quiet routes and shared path cycle routes, although some leave a lot to be desired, they do get you about albeit sometimes in a convoluted way. We are all really hoping that a benefit of the Covid outbreak will be a better network of cycle facilities, if there can be any benefit to such a dire situation. I am glad you like the bag review. I think having a small and large bag to cover all options is the best way forward, I am unsure about the value of the medium sized ones as they seem to fulfil neither of my requirements from a bag. But everyone has different requirements of course. It would have been nice to see the bag in a shop first, I admit, but I banked on being able to return it unused if I can opened the parcel and thought ‘nope, not for me’. Hope you make it to Edinburgh sometime, Leith is still a bit ‘interesting’ in places……


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