Some initial thoughts on my Brooks’ saddle

JDVI6564I recently fitted a B17S (ladies standard) Brooks saddle to my Brompton, and these are my initial thoughts:

  1. It looks great. It’s very British, like the bike, and seems in keeping with it.  The caramel colour looks like it will age nicely too.
  2. Having to put the special cream on the underside is a pain, but I suppose it’s necessary, and if I do it then it will last for many years.
  3. It’s very slippery.  This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but I was shocked at just how slippery it was to sit on. I’m hoping it will stop being so slippery as it ages and fits to my bum.
  4. Having my sit bones properly supported doesn’t half make my girly bits feel better.
  5. Not sure how or when to do the tightening up bit as it stretches but I am sure this will become obvious in time.

Five miles is not enough time in the saddle to write a review, so these thoughts are my initial, single ride, impressions only.

My father absolutely swore by his Brooks saddle and I never saw him cycle with anything else.  The same saddle went on every bike he owned, and I mean the same saddle, not the same kind, or model, but the actual same saddle, and for more than 15 years I can remember.  My dad rode his bike daily to work and back, in all weathers, and he wouldn’t have anything else.  Which is the reason I got one for my Brompton.  Let’s hope dad had something there and wasn’t just a devil for punishment.

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