Blast of lockdown fresh air

I have now found the best GoPro positioning for my Brompton bike; on my handlebars with a handy bracket I picked up as part of a kit.  This gives me a realistic ride position, a clear view of the other road users, and also allows me to see the camera whilst I ride.  I did find though that I need to raise it up and straighten it slightly, both of which I have now done for the next ride.


The weather is getting cooler now and rain is forecast for tomorrow so I was glad to get out today.  I was reluctant to go out but my partner encouraged me, knowing I’d feel better when I got back.  He was right, I felt energised and ready for the rest of the day.

Cycling is good for mental health, as is most exercise, but outdoors you get to experience more sensations, smells, and sounds.  It is more immersive, and I think this is better for your head.  The fresh air does you the power of good too, and with the lower rates of car use and a practical halt to plane travel, the air in the city is so much cleaner.

Nothing else to report really today, but you can enjoy a wee edited video on my Facebook page as normal.

Oh and the silly car parking award goes to this one:


Take care everyone, buy for now.

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