Is cycle infrastructure fit for purpose?

I’ve been very popular on Twitter for the last few days, and hopefully some of you reading my blog now will have found it from my Twitter feed, if so then welcome.

For those not following me on Twitter, and obviously I suggest you do, the subject has been cycling infrastructure.  With the easing of lockdown in various countries, and even in England (although not Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), people are being encouraged to cycle more.

The UK Government has pledged money for increased cycling infrastructure both in the short term and in the medium, and even longer term.  Boris Johnson even mentioned a vision for a new ‘golden age of cycling’ on his first day back in the chamber, and as we know from the press, he is a keen cycle commuter himself.

But what does this money mean?  Well, hopefully it means we will have well thought out and properly designed infrastructure, and that this will be put into place very shortly.  Let’s all just hope it doesn’t look like this:

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