Edinburgh Cycle Paths – fit for purpose?

Ok, I am going to have a rant this morning.  I have just come back from a lovely cycle ride into the city centre on the main arterial route in and then back out again using the main route and the main cycle network.

I’m not going to say that all of the cycle route is like this because it’s not, some of it is very good, even though it doesn’t always join up. But, and here is my point, if you want to encourage people out of their cars then you have to give them a safe means of doing so. Safe, and pleasant.

The Council just got a £5m extra bonus to its budget for cycling and widening pavements in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Here are some of the places that need a bit of money:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is my route detail:


And here is a link to the one minute video of the Blackhall bone shaker path that achieved these things:

  1. I got dog crap on my back wheel
  2. I got bonked on the head by a low branch (thankfully wearing a helmet)
  3. I got shaken to bits and wondered if I was going to need a mountain bike
  4. I nearly came off as my front wheel dug into the gravel at the exit
  5. It spat me out into the back of the Tesco (Davidson Mains) Carpark.

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