We’re on the road to nowhere…the tale of the disappearing cycle path

In my post Birthday cake world I intended on having a good cycle ride today, to work off some of the large quantity of excess calories consumed yesterday.  This was all going to plan, in respect that I got up, dressed, and ready to cycle, but on stepping out the door the wind knocked me sideways! This was going to be a shorter cycle ride than I thought, but at least I would get some exercise and test my saddle fix.

I headed down the familiar route to the seaside, only to be confronted with an Easterly wind that meant my cycle along the flat prom’ felt like a pretty decent hill climb, and for well over a mile.  Boy, was I struggling.  The guys coming the other way, with the wind to their backs, were loving it…I however was not.  I decided to take a detour inland a wee bit.  I figured I’d follow the cycle paths, and see if I could enjoy a little trip and exploration there instead.

I followed the signs for the shared path to West Pilton, an area I had cut through just once before.  All was going well and I kept following the shared path signs, believing I was now on the main cycle path “network”.

Well,I was, until I wasn’t.  The end came abruptly and without any further explanation.  There was not even an ‘end’ sign or a ‘rejoin carriageway’ to give you any hope.  It just spat me out onto a clearly pedestrian only path, beside a main dual carriageway! Four lanes, two in each direction, with a grass bank in the middle, a pavement just wide enough for pedestrians and no dropped curb to the carriageway or any signs and indications of what I should do or what direction I should go in next.  No clues whatsoever.

Here is my video – you’ll see the round signs for the shared path at the beginning and the end of the clip, as well as me paused on the pavement unsure quite where to go next.  What I actually did next was to cycle along the pavement (something I hate doing) until I found a drop curb, where I joined the dual carriageway and stayed on it until I found a sign for the next section of the cycle routes.  This was a mile or so, and several major road junctions, later.

Thanks a bunch Edinburgh Council.  And you wonder why people give up cycling as a means of transport in the city?

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