I have been writing about bikes for some time now, and have built up quite a following on here, my other site, and on Twitter. It has been difficult sometimes to know where to place my efforts to entertain the most people, as some has fitted one site better than others but could have been easily placed on both.

Getting the third bike put another spanner in the works as it fitted neither and I didn’t want to create yet another site to manage, so a decision had to be made.

That decision is to write exclusively now on a new site at

I hope you will continue to find my waffling entertaining, but also that you will consider sponsoring the site and becoming a patron from just £2.50 (+vat) a month. Creatives, like myself, have been affected by Covid19 like many other industries and the Government has done very little to support us except to tell us to retrain.

Some content will be limited for Patrons only either ongoing or for preview releases. It is a way for you to show your appreciation for my time and efforts and support me to continue writing in these difficult times. Thanks for reading, see you on the ‘other’ side.

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