Damning Statistics – cycling in the UK

75% of fatal or serious accidents involving cyclists, in 2018, occurred in urban areas 80% of incidents occur during daylight 75% of incidents occur at road junctions In 2018 - 99 cyclists were killed, 5 of them children Also in 2018 - 4, 106 were seriously injured These statistics* are only those reported to the … Continue reading Damning Statistics – cycling in the UK

Sunday Times threats to cyclists perfectly acceptable?

I, like many others, made an official complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation regarding the comments by the Sunday Times 'journalist' where he expressed a view that 'stretching a piano wire at neck height' was 'tempting' when it came to dealing with cyclists. Since this was published there has been an attack on a … Continue reading Sunday Times threats to cyclists perfectly acceptable?

Coronavirus and cycling

All over the world gatherings of any number of people are being banned, which has lead to the suspension of most competitions and organised cycling events. Many clubs are taking advice on organised club runs, and usually settling for a suspension or postponement. But what about the likes of you and me, just popping out … Continue reading Coronavirus and cycling

Us, Them & Those

Us (cyclists), Them (pedestrians), and Those (car drivers) - or however you want to define them. The media, social and otherwise, but importantly Edinburgh City Councillors, are actively following like sheep, the Us, Them and Those divisive and aggressive rhetoric that has come with the age of Trump, Farage, and Johnson. As if life getting … Continue reading Us, Them & Those