Do you have room for a bicycle in your life?

Covid-19, Coronavirus, CV19, whatever you want to call it has brought to global attention the need to swap our transport systems from our polluting vehicles to more sustainable transport where this possible, and for those able to use these alternative means.  Of course, not everyone can make the transition, be that because they are simply … Continue reading Do you have room for a bicycle in your life?

Coronavirus and cycling

All over the world gatherings of any number of people are being banned, which has lead to the suspension of most competitions and organised cycling events. Many clubs are taking advice on organised club runs, and usually settling for a suspension or postponement. But what about the likes of you and me, just popping out … Continue reading Coronavirus and cycling

Us, Them & Those

Us (cyclists), Them (pedestrians), and Those (car drivers) - or however you want to define them. The media, social and otherwise, but importantly Edinburgh City Councillors, are actively following like sheep, the Us, Them and Those divisive and aggressive rhetoric that has come with the age of Trump, Farage, and Johnson. As if life getting … Continue reading Us, Them & Those