Giggling away to oneself – a year with a Brompton

I have to confess that since I bought my road bike I have neglected riding my Brompton. I guess it's partly the fun of a new toy, and partly down to finding the road bike so much easier and more exhilarating to ride. It's true, and anyone who says otherwise is a little bit dishonest. … Continue reading Giggling away to oneself – a year with a Brompton

2020 Brompton Borough roll-top small review

As I promised in my last post (I always hear trumpets when I say that), here is my review of the new 2020 release Brompton Borough roll-top bag, small, in navy (which at the moment is the only colour available for this model). Ordered the day after release, it arrived with me on Saturday and … Continue reading 2020 Brompton Borough roll-top small review

North West Edinburgh, Kirkliston, and the Airport

There is nothing more fun than seeing the look on road cyclist faces when they see you take a Brompton on their favourite circular road route.  Today I had that pleasure several times, and a few were even encouraging, although I think at least one thought I was lost. I didn't start with the intention … Continue reading North West Edinburgh, Kirkliston, and the Airport

Edinburgh’s Closed Roads Bliss

The Edinburgh City Council have made a tentative start on closing roads and creating more space for walking, cycling, and socially distanced exercise.  So far, there are three closed roads; Silverknowes Road, a section of Braid Road, and a section of Links Gardens.  The backlash, mainly from or driven by Tory councillors it has to … Continue reading Edinburgh’s Closed Roads Bliss

Coronavirus and cycling

All over the world gatherings of any number of people are being banned, which has lead to the suspension of most competitions and organised cycling events. Many clubs are taking advice on organised club runs, and usually settling for a suspension or postponement. But what about the likes of you and me, just popping out … Continue reading Coronavirus and cycling